Team komplekse væsker



The team’s main goal is to develop and combine an old and a new micro and nano system-based technology to find various ways of analyzing, assessing, monitoring, treating and processing small or very large amounts of complex fluids. We use both theoretical and practical methods to solve this. An additional goal is to establish certain projects between two or more partners in the group. 

The team has worked on
• micromixer technologies – various prototypes
• the sample collection and pre-decontamination technology – various prototypes
• micro and nano refining, technology for high volume – various prototypes
• micro and nano refining, technology for low volume – various prototypes
• combined refining and detector technology – for automatic molecular analyzes
• various simple and complicated detector technologies – IMRAMP, POCNAD and other prototypes
• a great deal of screening technology – entire system detectors


The micro and nano refining technology is owned by Trilobite Microsystems AS, while some of the platforms for detector technology are owned by Oslofjord Ressurspark AS. The two companies are interested in combining these technologies with other more established technologies from other companies. Micro and nano refining technology includes automatic sorting, separation and concentration of particles and cells from small or large volumes of complex fluids.

Team leader: Frank Karlsen, professor at the Institute for Micro Studies at the University of South-Eastern Norway. 

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