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About us


Electronic Coast is an independent industrial association and expertise cluster that works within arena and network building. Our goal is to strengthen the value creation and innovation in electronics and ICT-based companies in Vestfold.

Electronic Coast was formally established as an association in 2003, with its own CEO. Project collaboration between the members of the association started back in the 1980s. In 2006, the cluster was appointed as the Norwegian Centre of Expertise and received support of the ten-year project, Norwegian Centre of Expertise in Micro and Nano Technology (NCE MNT). The brand NCE MNT is still available to the Electronic Coast environment.

Electronic Coast works on expertise training, recruitment and resource sharing among our members. We do active image-building, network building and influencing on behalf of the member companies. Electronic Coast will strengthen regional R&D activity at the University of South-Eastern Norway, campus Vestfold.

Microtech Innovation (MTI) is Electronic Coast’s facilitator. Since 2001, MTI has managed the cluster development and building of mutual interests for development and commercializing of technology-based ideas. Read more.


Board of Electronic Coast

The Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting in June and December. The board members are elected for two years. The board meets 4-5 times a year and provides guidelines for political direction and strategic guidance for project implementation. The cluster facilitator makes decisions from the board and the project manager implements development activities in line with the board's direction


Thomas Ramm


Board Member

Stein Troneng

Banenor Digitalisering

Board Member

Pål André Eriksen

Kongsberg Maritime

Board Member

Siri Brynildsen


Board Member

Steven Foss


Board Member

Frode Stensaa


Board Member

Bjørnar Garmann Tønnesen



Thomas Brekke

University of Southeast-Norway


Per Øhlckers

University of Southeast-Norway

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about Electronic Coast, just send us a message in this form. Based on that, it is sent to the right person in our organization. We look forward to hear from you. 

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