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As a member of Electronic Coast, your organization can be part of a technology and expertise cluster that promotes cooperation and innovation among partners and members.

International research shows that participation in business clusters leads to a higher employment rate, greater financial growth and improved productivity. Innovation in the shape of new technology, new products and new services more often emerges from business clusters than from businesses that are not a part of clusters.

Cooperation with related and nearby companies provides several advantages. The company may gain

• a larger market share
• improved technology
• cost savings
• increased access to resources and expertise


All organizations established in Norway that deliver products or services in or to the electronics, ICT or MNT industry, or that intend to do so, can be a member of Electronic Coast. Companies that are considered particularly important to the development of the cluster, as well as educational institutions and authorities, can be admitted as partners.
Relevant start-up companies can be admitted on special terms.


A membership assumes that the terms in the membership agreement are accepted.


The members pay a contribution which is determined on the members’ general meeting.
Current contribution levels:

• Stor bedrift (fler enn 100 ansatte) : NOK 75 000,- per år

• Mellomstor bedrift (21-100 ansatte) : NOK 45 000,- per år 

• Mindre bedrift (opptil 20 ansatte) : NOK 10 000,- per år 

• Gründerbedrift/inkubatorbedrift: min. NOK 2000,- per år 


All sums are given without VAT. The funds are used for supporting the collaboration projects that the companies participate in.

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