Electronic Coast offers meeting places and events to the member companies. We have various expert teams where representatives of the companies create an annual program Check out the events below or go to Expert teams to discover which team is best suited for your company.

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Oppstartsmøte for Team Bærekraft/ESG

First meeting for Team Bærekraft

Welcome to the first meeting of Team Bærekraft Time 11:30 - 14:30 Place: RS Noatun, Langgrunn Electronic Coast invites you to lunch and lectures to share knowledge about what lies ahead of us in terms of government requirements. There is no obligation to participate in this...

Frokostseminar: Hvilke IPC standarder man må forholde seg til som produkteier

Frokostseminar med Team Elektronikk

Frokostseminar: Samarbeidsmuligheter mellom USN og Electronic Coast bedriftene 22.juni, Forskningsparken (møterom F2-20)Bli med på frokostseminar med Team Robust Elektronikk! 08:00     Oppmøte på Forskningsparken (rom F2-20) og mingling over en kopp kaffe med...

The Sensor Decade

The Sensor Decade

The Sensor Decade 1-2.juni, OsloBli med på The Sensor Decade 2022!  The Sensor Decade 2022 er første av en rekke sensor-konferanser som skal arrangeres i Oslo, som en del av Oslo Science City. Hit kommer dyktige mennesker innen industri, forskning og startups for å...

Taking advantage of FPGA

Taking advantage of FPGA

Taking advantage of FPGA technology for high speed / low consumption AI 24.mai, TeamsIn a world where reduced consumption and high computing power are a requirement, the usage of the right technology is important.  The FPGA Computing Platform that runs AI model in...

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