Is your company interested in having an internship candidate the fall of 2022?

On behalf of USN, we inform about internships for students. If this is interesting for your company, contact Thomas Brekke (contact information further down in the text). In the autumn of 2022, we will again offer our 3-year-old students the opportunity for an internship at a company 

In the autumn of 2022, we will offer our 3-year-old students the opportunity for internships at a company or company. These are the students who choose to immerse themselves in innovation and entrepreneurship and students from other bachelor's programs. In parallel with the internship, students will also follow other courses in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Some information about the internship: Internship is a practical and theoretical work that is carried out individually and in collaboration with an organization, company or other company (private, public, voluntary) where the student has his practice. The internship can be participation in daily operations, or you can be given responsibility for a specific task / sub-project that falls within the study the practice is part of. The internship period is based on an agreement between the student and the company on compulsory attendance on agreed days. The student works independently under supervision in the company and academic supervisor from USN Business School. The student must prepare an internship report including reflections where the internship period is logged. The student will work a total of 240 hours / 32 days in practice. This corresponds to approx. two days a week throughout the semester, but students and businesses are free to agree on other combinations. The student is required to work 60 hours individually with the internship report in addition to the internship period in the company.

In order to make good connections between student and company, we ask you to write briefly a few words about your company, what tasks you want the candidate to work with and their motivation for offering an internship stay (see appendix 1 Information about the company). We have also asked students to send us similar information. Once we have an overview of the number of companies and students as well as their profile, we will begin the work of connecting students with companies. This will take place in the period from December 2021 to January 2022. After an interview between the company and the student and provided that both parties agree, an agreement is made that regulates the duties and responsibilities of the company, the student and USN.

Deadline is 15.11.2021.

Kind Regards

Emneansvarlig Internship

Thomas Brekke, Ph.D.

Institutt for Økonomi, historie og samfunnsfag, Handelshøyskolen USN.

Mobil 975 50 027 /


  1. Company name
  2. Contact person
  3. Brief describtion of the company
  4. What challenges / issues do you need help with (describe some current issues that students can work on)
  5. What is the motivation to the company
  6. Expectations to the candidate

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