The University of Southeast Norway, along with more than 100 high-tech companies throughout Norway, is searching for students who want to work 50% paid engineering jobs. 

Are you interested in pursuing a master's degree, while also being employed in a company in a 50% position, where you will work as an engineer? This is a unique opportunity to grow into the role of engineer, as well as obtain a master's degree. At Kongsberg, USN has 14 years of experience with the Industrimaster (IM) program and the students are super satisfied with the role as both student and employee for 3 years, and they are far ahead of other master's students in the job after completing their studies.

Our students have different roles in the companies, and will work as a full-time engineer with a salary. 

We help you meet the industry's need for expertise through these programs, and our partner companies help shape the content of our IM programs so that USN delivers the expertise the industry requires. 

We offer the following Industrial Master program:

Kongsberg: System Engineering og Computer Science

Vestfold: Micro and Nanosystems

Porsgrunn: Industrial IT and Automation

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Welcome to our unique Industrial Master Program

Apply from February 1 for admission to study start, deadline March 15, 2020.