Workshop - Explore new sales opportunities

Date: December 11th

Time: 9.00 - 15.00

Place: Thon Hotel in Horten


One challenge that several companies can recognize is finding new customers.

Who are they and how should you contact them to get a sale?

We invite you to a workshop where we will look at your company's business model and explore what opportunities can bring new sources of revenue.

The method we want to use is based on Design Thinking. This is a creative process where the customer is in focus and we start by defining and understanding the needs that we assume the customer has. Based on this, we work with idea generation to find possible solutions to meet customer needs. Here it applies quantity in front of quality to get a great material and pick from in the further work. Based on the various solutions, we will select and put together solutions that will be tested against customers. This is prototyping that helps us to visualize solutions to be tested when back at work.

This is the result of a collaboration with Protomore and IKuben in Molde, which has run such innovation processes for more than 350 companies. They come to us on December 11 to help facilitate. Normally the cost of such a workshop is NOK 40,000. This covers the Electronic Coast through project funding from Innovation Norway.

If interested please contact by email or phone:

Tlf.: 992 77 799




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