Masters students apply for industrial practice during the summer holidays

Many of the master's students at USN, the Institute of Microsystems, want to practice in the industry during their
summer vacation (from mid-June, when the exam period is complete, and typically three to five weeks duration). Since practice is the most important thing,
this is not necessarily paid work. We believe this can be useful for industrial companies, both for the work that can be done,
and for meeting potential job seekers one year ahead. For the students in the «Joint International Master in Smart Systems
Integration », which USN provides together with a Scottish and a Hungarian university, with NCE-MNT as its associated partner, is one such
expected period between semester 2 and 3, whether this happens in Norway or another country.


Industry companies are encouraged to report to EC if they wish to consider accepting a master's student in practice. EC and USN
will coordinate this and communicate. The students in question will contact the company directly, and of course the company decides
whether they will accept a specific student.


 Please contact or for further information




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