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Electronic Coast

Electronic Coast is an independent industrial association and competence cluster that works with arena and network building. Our goal is to strengthen value creation and innovation in electronics and ICT-based companies in Norway. 

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Studenter på utkikk etter praksisplass hos bedrifter

Studenter på utkikk etter praksisplass hos bedrifter

På vegne av USN informerer vi om internship for studenter. Er dette interessant for din bedrift, ta kontakt med Thomas Brekke (kontaktinformasjon lengere ned i teksten).  Høsten 2022 vil vi igjen tilby våre 3 års studenter mulighet for internship hos en bedrift eller...


Frokostseminar med Team Robust Elektronikk

Frokostseminar med Team Robust Elektronikk

Frokostseminar: ‘Utfordringer med komponenter, tilgjengelighet og ekthet’ 29. september, TeamsBli med på frokostseminar med Team robust elektronikk! Er på Teams onsdag 29. september.   08:15 – 08:20     Velkomst v/ Frode 08:20 – 08:50     Tilgjengelighet Alf...

The Right Time for the Right Place

The Right Time for the Right Place

Webinar: The Right Time for the Right Place31.august, 19.00Gratis webinar med Inside GNSS, inside unmanned systems og Sensor Meld din interesse her! Only when sensor data carries an accurate timestamp can it enable optimal performance in multi-sensor fusion systems....

Why become a member of Electronic Coast

As a member of Electronic Coast, and thus NCE Micro and Nano Technology (MNT), the organization may participate in a technology and expertise cluster that promotes cooperation and innovation among partners and members.

International research shows that participation in business clusters leads to a higher employment rate, greater financial growth and improved productivity. Innovation in the shape of new technology, new products and new services more often emerges from business clusters than from businesses that are not a part of clusters. 


• larger market shares 
• improved technology
• cost savings 
• increased access to resources and expertise

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Electronic Coast, just send us a message in this form. Based on that, it is sent to the right person in our organization. We look forward to hear from you. 

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